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Tour excursion Antalya with guide Meltem

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Guide Meltem

ID : 6576
Country : Turkey
City : Antalya

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Tour excursion Antalya with guide Meltem

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Cengiz Cengiz
Yılbaşında Antalya'ya gelmiştik güzel bir yılbaşı geçirdik. bize yardımları çok dokundu çevreyi çok iyi tanıyan birisi.
Sophia Sophia
She is a good friend and tour guide in Antalya. She knows best places for walk, dance, drink and night clubs etc.
Michael Michael
We came to Antalya with my family. She was with us and she show us around and beauty city
Tim Tim
Meltem is a best guide. Thank you
Luke Luke
With meltem we was in Kemer and Antalya. Kemer was perfect with her. If i come back i will call you again
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